Datamars Microchips

Datamars’ electronic pet identification microchips give pets a silent but effective voice. Unlike a collar or tag, a microchip cannot be removed, torn or chewed off. Each microchip – as small as a grain of rice – contains a permanent, unalterable ID code that is unique to that animal. Datamars Slim microchips are suitable for any breed of companion animal at almost any stage of life, allowing for the microchipping of younger animals and pocket pets with ease. To support pet identification efforts, PetLink offers a 24/7/365 registry and recovery service for companion animals. PetLink provides veterinarians, animal shelters, animal rescue and humane organizations, kennels and pet owners a user-friendly, online service to register and report lost or found pets. In addition, Petmaxx – an international online search engine- connects PetLink users to more than 30 additional national pet databases around the world. As an added bonus, the purchase of each Datamars’ electronic microchip includes a complimentary lifetime registration.


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